Community risk and stakeholder management

Kath Elliott Communications understands that positive relationships between companies, stakeholders and communities are the key to the successful delivery of infrastructure projects.

Building trusting stakeholder and community relationships is a key focus for Australian businesses. Without strong, positive and collaborative relationships, projects can experience delays, reputational risk is increased, and conflict can escalate, often resulting in reactive and costly management.

Our team specialises in assisting business to identify key stakeholders and communities, understand the key issues and risks and develop risk mitigation strategies.

We assist business to develop early relationships, facilitating a positive environment in which to build partnerships, have open and constructive conversations, and negotiate to achieve a balance between community and business interests.

We develop all aspects of your strategy, including identifying stakeholders, risks and opportunities, preparation of communications and issues management strategies, organising and facilitating public meetings, distribution of information, media management, direct liaison with activists and full reporting back to you on issues and outcomes.

Our experience in this area includes managing a number of large-scale infrastructure projects that impacted on stakeholders both at a local and national level.

Importantly we assist you in the development approvals phase right through construction and commissioning. We can be the first team in and last out, ensuring that stakeholder relations are managed to deliver project success and minimising impact on local people

Community risk management planning

Kath Elliott Communications offers the following services:

  • Identification and evaluation of potential risks for your business, including community outrage, activist and campaigner activity, internal concerns, damage to your brand or company reputation, potential losses and media coverage

  • Gathering of intelligence and information on stakeholders and issues

  • Development of stakeholder and community engagement strategies

  • Provision of in-house or external team support to implement strategies and manage community risk on your project

  • Full and detailed overview of resources required to manage the risk – including budget, time and staff

  • Community risk assessments based on differing scenarios and outcomes (including frequency, likelihood, and consequences), risk minimisation strategies and support

  • Overview of the social, political and legal implications of ignoring community concerns

  • Managing public perception

Issues Management

While our focus at Kath Elliott Communications is on developing positive relationships with stakeholders, it is a grim reality that from time to time issues arise that will throw you a curve ball.

Our issues management experience has been developed through years of working in high profile government agencies and corporates, which by their sheer scale and activity have attracted negative and unwelcome attention.

We can offer your business unmatched expertise in preparing and implementing your issues management strategy.

Whether you are looking for a reactive or a proactive issues management plan we can mobilise a team to assist you at short notice.

Our issues management services include:·

  • In-house support to manage your issue

  • Full scope of resources to support a comprehensive issues management plan

  • Media management, including traditional and online/social media, briefing spokespeople and sentiment analysis of issue

  • Third party/external endorsement and advocacy identification

Kath Elliott Communications can help you with managing difficult stakeholders and activist networks - from "deep dive" research and social media monitoring to full background profiles.

We use IBM-developed software to background, link and identify operative risk; all information is open-sourced and fully referenced.

Our researchers have been monitoring social media professionally for more than 8 years - providing information, commentary and analysis to international and national companies, institutions and governments.

While the trend is for algorithmic social media monitoring, nothing replaces "eyeballs" for a faultless analysis and this approach is complemented by the deep corporate knowledge held by our researchers in the energy and industry fields.


Government Liaison

Kath Elliott Communications has been working with all levels of government for more than 20 years.

From lobbying Federal politicians in the nation’s capital, to liaising with local councils on development and infrastructure issues, we have  unparalleled experience and expertise in navigating our way through the different government levels to best represent your business.

Our work in this area includes:·

  • Advocating on behalf of clients and maintaining political engagement and momentum on issues

  • Creating and leveraging interest and support

  • White Paper preparation to influence policy and legislation

  • Position papers

  • Organising face to face meetings with ministers, their advisors, department heads, councillors, and council staff


Photo by Liufuyu/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by Liufuyu/iStock / Getty Images

Risk and Operative Reporting

We have developed our own proprietary research tools and resources to manage sentiment, activism, risk potential and mapping of hotspots to provide swift and accurate reporting on issues.

Monitoring all social networks, our systems can provide real time reporting on issues and discussions.

Clients can access information about their business through an email alert summary delivered directly into their inbox, and request additional information on a case by case basis.

This service is unique in Australia and to Kath Elliott Communications’ clients