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ACT Water

The nation’s capital needed to investigate a way to future-proof its water supplies in the face of several years of crippling drought.

The water supply needed to be safe and sustainable – and options ranged from enlarging or transferring water from dams, increasing supply from the Murrumbidgee River and establishment of a demonstration water purification plant.

As the leader of the stakeholder and management team, Kath Elliott played an integral role in working with the government, local community and other interested parties to facilitate communication between the groups.

From creating databases, branding, crisis management, media, education and training, Kath was responsible for smoothing the many issues that arose during the project. As a result the enlarged Cotter Dam project officially opened at the end of 2013, with a water supply 20 times larger than it was originally, ensuring the long-term security of Canberra’s water supply.

Carbon Tax



Carbon Tax

As the Director of Communications for the Australian Coal Association, Kath Elliott spearheaded the black coal industry’s communications strategy to oppose the Labor Government’s proposal to introduce a carbon tax.

The Gillard Government required the support of the Greens Party in order to form a minority government, with the introduction and passing of the Carbon Tax legislation a key condition of the Greens support.

With the objective of building a groundswell of support against the tax, Kath coordinated the Australian Industry Trade Alliance, a network of resources and manufacturing industry associations, including the Minerals Council of Australia, Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Australian Coal Association, Australian Retailers Association, Housing Industry Association, and Manufacturing Australia.

The communication strategy included national and regional advertising, government relations and lobbying, stakeholder and community relations, media and public relations.

While blocking the legislation was always going to be challenging given the political climate, the momentum for abolishing the tax continued until 2013 when carbon tax became a key campaign issue for the Abbott-led Liberal Party.

In 2013 Prime Minister Abbott announced that his first act as leader would be the drafting of legislation to repeal the Carbon Tax, and in 2014 the Carbon Tax legislation was repealed.

Port Waratah Coal Services

Port Waratah Coal Services (PWCS) was looking to expand its Kooragang Coal Loader operations, with a planned spend of $700 million.

As the manager of the approvals process, Kath Elliott worked closely with the NSW Government and managed the company’s strategic response to a challenge in the NSW Land and Environment Court.

Ultimately the passage of the Kooragang Coal Loader Special Provisions Bill was passed in parliament, providing development certainty.

In 2002 Stage 3 of the expansion was completed with shiploading capacity at Kooragang Coal Terminal increased to 64 mega tons per annum.

Key aspects of Kath’s role included:

  • Consultation with key stakeholders

  • Government relations

  • Leading the multidisciplinary team to develop the EIS

  • Leading the expert witness and legal team for the NSW Land and Environment Court defence

  • Media and public relations